All the best campaign slogans amount to nothing if our elected leaders fail to break from the "group think" and orthodoxy that created the policies that squandered our resources, both human and monetary, on wars and allowed Wall St. insiders to pillage the economy for the sake of maintaining their grand lifestyles. In 2008 the country voted for change but we are still fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the health care reform favored by the Obama administration leaves out single payer and leaves in big profits for the Health Insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry, and "clean coal" and nuclear power figure prominently in the administrations so called clean energy plans.

So, in the very best interpretation of what it means to be a democracy and taking to heart the responsibility of self governance we the Green Party of Ohio remain dedicated to running candidates who are truly "of the people for the people and by the people". It should not be that hard to figure out that only by having the tasks of government spread among many hands through a political system that encompasses diverse points of view will we enact policies and systems that truly address the problems that our communities face. How can we expect millionaire politicians to find solutions to problems that because of their wealth they will never face? How can we expect the two big political parties to institute fair political systems when their paychecks depend on maintaining a closed door two party system? We don't expect those changes to come without a great deal of push from ordinary people and through our campaigns we continue to be a part of the ongoing fight for democracy.

We have several candidates who have stepped up to the challenge to do their part to speak truth to power and who have been endorsed by the Green Party of Ohio. Those candidates are:

Dennis Spisak, running for reelection to the Struthers School Board.

Brian Cummins, running for reelection to Cleveland City Council

Vaughn Stull, running for trustee in Mill Township.

Jason Haap, running for Cincinnati School Board.

Remember that grassroots campaigns depend on the small and large contributions from
small and large groups of people comming together to make big changes. Whatever you can contribute to these
candidates in time and money will be wisely used.
Ohio Green Party Co-Convener Anita Rios
You can check out the candidates, get more information on them, and donate to their campaigns! at:

Dennis Spisak,

Brian Cummins,

Vaughn Stull,

Jason Haap,

Greetings! from Vaughn Stull and Dennis Spisak

Vaughn Stull for Mill Township Trustee,

I am currently running for trustee in Mill Township, where I have lived my whole life. My goal is to serve the people of the township and to work with them to improve the township.

In addition to my duties as trustee, I will be an advocate for the township's citizens to the other levels of government as well. It's hard for people to feel that the government is on their side in a village or township because it's overwhelming to try to figure out what level of government they need to contact if their problem is out of the range of local control. As a trustee I would use my position to lobby higher levels of government to address issues that affect the township.

Although I am running in a nonpartisan race, I am proud to have the endorsement of the Green Party of Ohio. I am an active member of the party and I believe that the principles and values I hold as a Green can be put to use to impact Mill Township in a positive way.

I filed my petitions today so I'll know by 8/26 if I'll be certified.

Vaughn Stull


Dennis Spisak for Struthers City School Board of Education

I will be running for re-election to the Struthers City School Board this November, 2009. I would like to thank the voters of Struthers for electing me to the Board of Education back in 2005. Since that time I have worked to make our district financially sound and improve academics for all of our students.

Since being elected to the Board, We have emerged from State Fiscal Emergency. I served on the Football Stadium Committee which built a new football stadium for the students and citizens of Struthers WITH NO ADDITIONAL TAX DOLLARS. I have served 2 years as Board Vice- President, 4 years as Legislative Liaison to the state legislature, and continue to work hard at improving academics in our school system. Our the past 4 years our school system has received an excellent rating from the state Department of Education and has been named a School of Promise. I believe my experience, education, and common sense approach to running our school district has earned me another 4 year term as your school board member.

my web site is


Dennis Spisak


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